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iriver music manager (Ver 3.21)
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Aug 3, 2007

fileiriver_Music_Manager_V321_sp.zip (24.8MB)

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iriver Music Manager V3.21


Supporting models of iriver music manager is iFP-Series
(Manager mode ) and N10.
If you want to switch connection mode (iFP-Series only)
from MSC to Manager version,
please click here.

(Device Driver included and automatically installed)

Upgrade Features

-. Compatibility with Windows vista.

Here is a way of how to transfer music files from
your PC to your device by manager.


1. After installation of iriver Music Manager, please drag the file as follow.


2. After draging file, you can see the below window.


3. If you want to make another folder in your device,
please take a look at the below image.


If you want to know the way of how to upgrade New firmware
by iriver music manager, please click here