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Company Overview

Iriver Ltd. is the global digital A/V product powerhouse with the world-famous iriver brand. Since its founding in 1999, iriver has become renowned for its award-winning product innovation and track record of market leadership. The Company’s ever expanding digital product lines include: Multimedia Devices (MP3. MP4, PMP, Mobile TV), Network Devices (Home Media Center, Wi-Fi Network, Navigation products) and Content Devices (E-Dictionary, E-Book).

iriver’s products have been recognized and honored repeatedly by the world’s leading publications. The roster of prestigious awards includes: BusinessWeek Best Product Award (iF P1000); CES Innovations Award (iF P1000, N10); CNET “Best MP3 Player” (Clix); Edison Award for Innovation; Hong Kong Choice Magazine “best MP3 Player” (U10); Japan Good Design Award (Clix, Mplayer, B20) ; International Design Award (Clix) ; iF Product Design Award 2008_Germany (Clix,Mplayer, NV); and many more.

iriver is reinventing itself in 2008 with a host of head-turning devices that will set the design and technology standard for the year to come. Key introductions include iriver’s breakthrough SPINN technology, which matches the warmth of analog controls with the power of digital content; IAMOLED, the world’s first 4.1” AMOLED Photo tank (Media Storage device); UNIT 2, an all-in-one portable Multimedia Home Networking Device; and WING, an ultra cool, portable Handheld PC with touch screen.

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